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Any good IT company going in expansion will look young talented freshers to be plcaed into their fast growing company.Eventually the company has to look for certain necessary skills in a fresher to be appointed as their programmers.

If you are fresher make sure you are equipped with below mentioned skills to get placed in any IT company.

G2G Technologies offers internship programmes in software development where after inital training they will be working with our real time projects. If you are really working hard, you will acquire all the skills to be placed in any IT company.

Skills Required


Communication Skills

Problem Solving

Willingness to learn new technologies

Confidence to take up new challenges

Experience through your projects

Decision Making


Program Details

Full time Project
  • Real time / Innovative Projects
  • Duration: 3 to 6 months
  • Technology Used: Dotnet, SQL, Andriod
  • Projects: Web/Mobile application based
  • Entire project has to be done by project trainee
  • Aim is to convert project trainee into industry ready programmer
  • Candidates will be selected based on selection process.
Project Consulting
  • Real time/Innovative projects
  • 12 hours of realtime discussion
  • Projects: Web/Mobile application
  • Every project will have a complete project plan which will be discussed by the experienced project leaders